Caribbean Comfort Platter | 25

white rice with white bean sauce Haitian legumes, fried chicken

Caribbean Fusion Plate | 25

White Rice with brown beans sauce Okra, Pork, Beef, Crab cornmeal with brown beans, plantain

Crispy Haitian Akra (Accra) | 10

Haitian Acra Made With Cassava

Crunchy Cassava Duo | 25

Fried Acra with Fried Pork or Chicken, and Plantain

Fritay Feast Platter | 30

Haitian Fritay - Fish, Plantain, Akra or Goat

Island Fusion Delight | 30

Salad russe or potato salad, plantain baked FULL fish (red snapper)

Island Harmony Rice | 30

Rice Djondjon with Peas or Lima Beans, & Chicken with sauce

Midnight Rice Symphony | 25

rice with red beans or peagon beans

Oxtail Infusion on Rice | 28

rice with red beans oxtail stew

Savory Caribbean Trifecta | 25 (chicken) or 30 (goat)

rice with green peas or lima beans, chicken, pork, fish (red snapper), fried goat with sauce






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